What Factors Contribute to the Weather in Berlin in November?

November marks the onset of the winter season in Berlin, Germany. As the capital city, Berlin experiences a continental climate characterized by cold winters and mild summers. Understanding what the weather is typically like in Berlin during November will help you plan your activities and packing accordingly.


In November, the average temperature in Berlin ranges from 2°C (36°F) to 7°C (45°F). However, it’s essential to note that these are average temperatures, and there can be significant variations from day to day. It’s not uncommon for temperatures to drop to freezing or slightly below, especially during the latter half of the month. Therefore, it is advisable to pack warm clothing such as sweaters, jackets, and hats.


Berlin receives an average of 46mm of rainfall in November, making it a relatively wet month. It’s important to be prepared for rainy days by bringing an umbrella or a waterproof jacket. The rainfall in Berlin tends to be evenly spread throughout the month, so you may experience rain on multiple days. It’s always better to have the right gear so that you can still explore the city comfortably, even in wet conditions.

Daylight Hours

During November, the days in Berlin continue to get shorter as winter approaches. At the beginning of the month, you can expect about 9-10 hours of daylight, with the sun rising around 7:30 am and setting around 4:30 pm. Towards the end of November, the days dwindle to approximately 8 hours of daylight, with the sun rising later and setting earlier. This reduced daylight means planning outdoor activities accordingly, with earlier starts and considering activities that are enjoyable during the darker hours.


November in Berlin is characterized by moderate to strong winds. It’s not uncommon for gusts to reach up to 35 kilometers per hour (22 miles per hour). The wind, coupled with the colder temperatures, can make it feel even chillier than the actual temperature. Dressing in layers and wearing wind-resistant clothing will help you stay warm and comfortable during your time in the city.

Special Events and Activities

Despite the colder temperatures and the occasional rain, November in Berlin offers several exciting events and activities. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

Celebrate the Festival of Lights

During November, Berlin hosts the Festival of Lights, where various landmarks and buildings are illuminated by impressive light displays. It’s a magical time to explore the city and witness the stunning transformation of its iconic architecture.

Visit Christmas Markets

In late November, many Christmas markets start to open, bringing joy and festive spirit to the city. These markets offer a variety of food, drinks, crafts, and entertainment. It’s the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in German holiday traditions.

Experience the Berlin Jazz Festival

The annual Berlin Jazz Festival takes place in November, attracting jazz enthusiasts from around the world. If you appreciate music, attending this festival can be a fantastic cultural experience.


November in Berlin is a transitional month as it marks the beginning of winter. Understanding the typical weather conditions will help you pack appropriately and plan your activities accordingly. Be prepared for colder temperatures, occasional rain, and shorter daylight hours. Don’t let the weather deter you from exploring the city as there are still plenty of engaging events and activities that can be enjoyed during this time. With the right clothing and a sense of adventure, you can make the most of your visit to Berlin in November.





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