1. Free Walking Tour Berlin

Dive deep into the heart of Berlin with Be Original Tours’ renowned free walking tour! Marvel at prominent landmarks such as the timeless Brandenburg Gate, the poignant Holocaust Memorial, the historic Checkpoint Charlie, and the majestic Reichstag Building, all narrated by our knowledgeable local guides.

Walk through history on the famed Unter den Linden, stand where the infamous Nazi book burning took place, and soak in the splendor of the grand Gendarmenmarkt. But history is only the start – we also divulge the city’s top spots for dining, live music, and nightlife!

This unforgettable tour operates on a pay-what-you-feel basis, inviting you to value and reward the guide’s commitment and expertise. Each tour takes a unique path, offering a fresh experience every time.

Praised by travelers worldwide and committed to showcasing Berlin’s rich past and vibrant present, why delay? Reserve your spot with Be Original Tours now – Experience Berlin, not just as a tourist, but as a local!

2. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour Berlin

Embark on a meaningful journey through history with Be Original Tours’ Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour. Our expert guides, well-versed in Berlin’s historical tapestry, will shed light on the experiences and stories within this poignant site.

Start your expedition at Sachsenhausen, an emblem of the Holocaust. Here, you’ll traverse the chilling punishment cells and gas chambers, silent testimonies to humanity’s darkest hour. Witness the austere Guard Tower A and the ‘pit’, areas that once echoed with prisoners’ stories of everyday life, struggle, and perseverance.

This immersive tour also includes a visit to the camp’s exception grounds, inviting thoughtful reflection on the events that occurred within these confines. Our guides weave a rich narrative, illustrating the stark realities of the camp’s past and the indomitable human spirit that prevailed.

Acclaimed by visitors worldwide for our dedication to preserving and presenting history, Be Original Tours invites you to delve deeper into Berlin’s past. Don’t just visit – immerse yourself in an experience that promises to be educational, emotional, and unforgettable. Your passage into Berlin’s history awaits – book now!

3. Cold War & World War Tour Berlin

Join us on an unforgettable journey into the past with Be Original Tours’ Original Cold War East Communism & World War II Third Reich Berlin Wall Walking Tour. This enlightening tour provides a profound insight into Berlin’s complex history, bringing to life the transformative events that sculpted not only this city but the world at large.

Our tour will take you to significant locations like the imposing Reichstag, the iconic Eastside Gallery, and the insightful Berlin Wall Memorial. Stand in the shadow of the formidable Flak Tower and explore the history-laden streets of Prenzlauer Berg. Discover the truth behind the Battle of Berlin, the hidden effects of the Berlin Wall, and the moving tales of those who dared to escape.

Venture into hidden sections of the Berlin Wall, visit haunting ghost stations, and experience the infamous crossing points that divided East and West. See the stark reality of life in the GDR/DDR, and the far-reaching impact of German reunification. Marvel at the site of Hitler’s bunker and the impressive Palace of Tears (Tränenpalast).

Our engaging local guides, renowned for their deep knowledge and passion, will transport you to another time. Hear stories of triumph, tragedy, and the everyday life that prevailed amidst a city divided. Walk the routes that bore witness to the tumultuous events of the 20th century and examine historical landmarks that reveal the scars and resilience of Berlin.

4. Pub Crawl Berlin

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure into Berlin’s vibrant nightlife with the Original Berlin Pub Crawl! Unearth the city’s best-kept secrets while exploring the lively districts of Mitte and Friedrichshain under the watchful eyes of our local connoisseurs.

Start your evening in a warm, friendly bar and then embark on an exploration of Berlin’s most pulsating venues. Immerse yourself in the ambience of chic cocktail and shisha bars, dance to the rhythm in electrifying lounges, and embrace the distinctive charm of avant-garde steam punk spots.

The night’s grand finale? A golden ticket to one of Berlin’s premier clubs, complete with VIP, priority entry. That’s right, no queues, just non-stop revelry!

But there’s more – indulge in complimentary shots and benefit from exclusive drink deals throughout the night to fuel your fun. With a night full of extraordinary moments and new companions guaranteed, the Original Berlin Pub Crawl is your passport to Berlin’s hidden nightlife.

Join us for an unforgettable party and discover Berlin’s nightlife like never before. Your extraordinary night out is just a click away – reserve your spot now!

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