In the bustling heart of 2010’s Berlin, a small spark of an idea emerged. As the city hummed with its ever-evolving mix of history and modernity, a group of passionate locals felt a compelling need. They desired to create a bridge between the Berlin of old legends and the dynamic metropolis it had become. Thus, Original Berlin Tours was born, not just as a tour company but as a storyteller of a city reborn from its ashes.

The early days were filled with exploration and discovery. Our founders, brimming with enthusiasm, combed every alleyway, every historical nook, and every contemporary cranny. They conversed with the elders, resonated with the youth, and felt the rhythm of the streets. Each story they uncovered, whether whispered in hushed tones over a steaming cup of coffee or shouted from the graffiti-laden rooftops, became an integral part of our narrative.

As years turned the pages, Original Berlin Tours grew, but our essence remained unwavering. We weren’t just guides but curators of lived experiences. Every visitor who walked with us embarked on a journey that traversed time — from the grandeur of the Brandenburg Gate in its prime to the poignant silence of the Berlin Wall remnants; from the enchanting melodies of street musicians in Kreuzberg to the solemn memorials that dotted the city. Our tours became more than sightseeing; they became a heartfelt rendezvous with Berlin’s soul.

A decade has since passed, but the spirit of those early days remains palpable in every tour we conduct. The passion, the curiosity, the deep-rooted love for Berlin’s multifaceted character are as fresh today as they were in our nascent days. As we look back, we are filled with gratitude for every story shared, every connection made, and every traveler who chose to see Berlin through our eyes.

With Original Berlin Tours, you’re not merely a tourist; you become a part of Berlin’s ever-winding story, a tale that began for us in 2010 but has roots stretching back centuries. Join us in this journey, and let Berlin captivate you, just as it has captivated us for over a decade.

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