Looking for the Best Lunch Spots in Berlin?

When it comes to finding the perfect spot for lunch in Berlin, the options are abundant. From traditional German cuisine to international flavors, here are some of the best lunch spots in Berlin that you should definitely consider:

1. Markthalle Neun

Located in the trendy Kreuzberg district, Markthalle Neun is a fantastic place to experience the vibrant food culture of Berlin. This indoor market is home to a wide range of food stalls offering everything from traditional German sausages to mouth-watering international dishes. Don’t miss the Street Food Thursday event where you can savor flavors from all around the world.

2. Curry 36

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious bite, you can’t go wrong with Curry 36. Known for its iconic currywurst, this popular currywurst stand has been serving hungry locals and tourists for decades. Served with a side of fries and smothered in flavorful curry sauce, it’s the perfect Berlin street food experience.

3. Monsieur Vuong

If you’re craving Vietnamese cuisine, Monsieur Vuong is the place to be. This cozy restaurant in Mitte is known for its fresh and flavorful dishes. From classic pho to delicious rice paper rolls, the menu offers a wide variety of options that will satisfy your taste buds. The vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff make this spot a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

4. Burgermeister

Burgermeister is a must-visit for burger enthusiasts. Hidden under a U-Bahn bridge in Schöneberg, this former public toilet turned burger joint offers some of the juiciest and most flavorful burgers in the city. Whether you prefer a classic cheeseburger or want to try their famous chili cheese fries, you won’t be disappointed.

5. House of Small Wonder

For a unique and cozy dining experience, head to House of Small Wonder. Tucked away in the bustling Mitte neighborhood, this hidden gem serves up a fusion of Japanese and European cuisine. From their famous matcha pancakes to their savory croissant sandwiches, every dish is crafted with attention to detail and flavor. The atmosphere is serene and perfect for enjoying a peaceful lunch.

6. Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

No list of the best lunch spots in Berlin is complete without mentioning Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap. This Turkish street food stand in Kreuzberg has gained a cult following thanks to its delicious and generously filled kebabs. The long queue is a testament to the quality of their food. Be prepared to wait, but trust us, it’s worth it!

7. Lokal

If you’re in the mood for modern German cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients, Lokal is the place to go. Located in Mitte, this charming restaurant offers a seasonal menu that changes regularly. From their hearty meat dishes to their vegetarian options, every dish is thoughtfully prepared and presented. The warm and rustic ambiance adds to the overall dining experience.


Berlin is a city that offers a fantastic culinary scene, and these lunch spots are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re a fan of traditional German cuisine or prefer the flavors of international dishes, there is something for everyone in Berlin. So, next time you’re in the city, make sure to check out these best lunch spots and treat yourself to a memorable lunch experience.

Additional Tips:

  • Many restaurants in Berlin accept cash only, so it’s a good idea to have some euros on hand.
  • Consider making reservations for popular spots, especially during peak hours.
  • Explore the local neighborhoods and try smaller, lesser-known eateries for unique culinary experiences.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations. They often know the hidden gems that may not be well-known to tourists.





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