What is the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art?

Welcome to the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin, Germany! Have you ever wondered where
urban art meets traditional gallery space? Look no further, as we dive into the world of contemporary art in an
urban setting.

Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art

A Fusion of Urban and Contemporary Art

The Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art, often referred to as Urban Nation, is a unique space that
celebrates a fusion of urban and contemporary art forms. It is located in Berlin’s Schöneberg district, at
Bülowstrasse 7. The museum provides a platform for artists from around the world to showcase their talents and
engage with audiences in an innovative and inclusive manner.

History and Mission

Urban Nation was established in 2013 by Yasha Young, a curator and visionary who aimed to break down the
traditional barriers between urban art and the art world establishment. The museum attracts both local and
international visitors, offering them a chance to explore the vibrant street art scene and its cultural impact
in an urban setting.

The museum’s mission is to promote creativity, cultural exchange, and social inclusion through art. It seeks to
blur the boundaries between street art, graffiti, and contemporary art, challenging the status quo and
celebrating artistic expression in all its forms.

Visiting the Urban Nation Museum


Urban Nation hosts rotating exhibitions featuring the works of renowned urban artists. The museum boasts an
impressive collection of large-scale murals, sculptures, installations, and other forms of street art. Each
exhibition presents a unique theme or artistic approach, giving visitors a diverse experience every time they

Events and Workshops

In addition to exhibitions, Urban Nation organizes a range of events and workshops throughout the year. These
events allow visitors to engage with artists, participate in creative activities, and gain insights into the
creative processes behind urban art. Whether you’re interested in attending artist talks, live painting
sessions, or hands-on workshops, the museum offers something for everyone.

Street Art Walking Tours

For those eager to explore the vibrant street art scene beyond the confines of the museum, Urban Nation also
organizes street art walking tours. These tours take visitors on a journey through Berlin’s neighborhoods,
revealing hidden gems and iconic murals created by local and international artists. It’s a fantastic way to
immerse yourself in the rich urban art culture that Berlin has to offer.

Getting There

By Public Transportation

The Urban Nation Museum is conveniently located near various public transportation options. You can reach it by
taking the U-Bahn (Berlin’s subway) and getting off at the Nollendorfplatz or Bülowstrasse stations. Both
stations are within walking distance of the museum.

By Foot or Bike

If you prefer to explore the city on foot or by bike, the museum is easily accessible from various areas in
Berlin. Consider using a navigation app or a city map to guide you to Bülowstrasse 7.


The Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art is an exciting destination for art enthusiasts, providing a
platform where urban and contemporary art converge. With its diverse exhibitions, engaging events, and street
art walking tours, the museum offers a unique perspective on the creative expressions found within the urban

So, whether you’re a fan of street art, contemporary art, or simply curious about exploring different art
forms, Urban Nation is definitely worth a visit. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and ever-changing world of
urban art—it’s an experience you won’t forget!





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