Where can you find the best bars in Berlin City Centre?

If you’re planning a trip to Berlin and looking for a vibrant nightlife experience, you’re in luck! Berlin is renowned for its diverse and lively bar scene, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re into craft cocktails, beer gardens, or funky dive bars, this city has it all. In this article, we will explore some of the best bars in Berlin City Centre that are well worth a visit.

1. Tausend

Tausend is an exclusive speakeasy-style bar with a hidden entrance along the banks of the River Spree. The bar is tucked away beneath a nondescript metal door, adding an air of mystery to the experience. Inside, you’ll discover a sleek and stylish interior, with dim lighting and a lively atmosphere.

What sets Tausend apart are its expertly crafted cocktails, which range from classic concoctions to innovative creations. The bar also offers an extensive selection of fine spirits and an impressive wine list. Do keep in mind that the bar operates on a strict door policy, so it’s advisable to make a reservation or arrive early to secure your spot.

2. Buck and Breck

For an intimate and cozy setting, head to Buck and Breck, a hidden gem located in Berlin’s Mitte district. This bar embraces the concept of a modern speakeasy, with a maximum capacity of just 14 people, creating an exclusive and personalized experience for patrons.

Buck and Breck is known for its meticulously crafted cocktails, prepared by skilled mixologists. The bar takes pride in using only high-quality ingredients and focuses on classic drink recipes. The menu is intentionally concise to ensure each cocktail receives the utmost attention and care.

3. Klunkerkranich

If you’re looking for a unique drinking experience, look no further than Klunkerkranich. This rooftop bar is perched on top of a shopping center in the Neukölln district, offering stunning panoramic views of the city skyline.

Klunkerkranich stands out for its relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. The bar features an outdoor terrace with beautiful greenery, open-air seating, and even a vegetable garden. Enjoy refreshing drinks and live music while taking in breathtaking views of Berlin.

4. Newton Bar

Located near the Zoo Station, Newton Bar is an elegant and sophisticated establishment inspired by the iconic photographer Helmut Newton. This bar exudes luxury with its upscale décor, black-and-white photographs, and a grand piano.

Newton Bar is renowned for its extensive cocktail menu, which includes both classic and innovative options. The bartenders are skilled in their craft, offering personalized recommendations and a high level of service. The bar often hosts live jazz music, further enhancing the upscale ambiance.

5. Das Hotel

Das Hotel is a quirky and eccentric bar located in the trendy Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood. This establishment takes inspiration from the 1920s, with a unique and vintage-inspired interior design.

What makes Das Hotel stand out is its selection of over 300 different kinds of gin. Gin enthusiasts will be delighted by the extensive gin menu that includes both local and international varieties. The bar also offers gin tasting sessions for those looking to expand their knowledge.


In conclusion, Berlin City Centre is home to some of the best bars in Europe, each offering a distinct ambiance and cocktail experience. Whether you’re looking for upscale elegance, a trendy rooftop atmosphere, or a laid-back speakeasy vibe, Berlin has it all. Remember to plan ahead and make reservations where necessary, especially for the more exclusive venues. So, get ready to immerse yourself in Berlin’s vibrant bar scene and toast to unforgettable memories in this fantastic city.





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