How Can You Travel from Berlin to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp?

Are you planning a trip to Berlin and interested in learning more about the history of World War II? If so, a visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is a must. Located just outside of Berlin, this memorial site provides a somber reminder of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust. In this guide, we’ll explore various transportation options and help you navigate your way to Sachsenhausen from Berlin.

1. By Train

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to reach Sachsenhausen from Berlin is by train. The journey takes approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on your starting point in the city. Follow these steps:

  1. Start your journey at any Berlin S-Bahn station.
  2. Look for trains heading towards Oranienburg or Wittenau.
  3. Board the train and ensure you have a valid ticket.
  4. Travel to the Oranienburg or Wittenau station (both options will take you to Sachsenhausen).
  5. Once you arrive, follow signs to the memorial site, which is just a short walk from the station.

Note: Trains usually run every 20 minutes, but be sure to check the schedule in advance. Ticket prices may vary depending on the zones you’ll be traveling through, so it’s advisable to purchase a day pass if you plan to do additional sightseeing in Berlin after visiting Sachsenhausen.

2. By Bus

If you prefer traveling by bus, there are also options available to reach Sachsenhausen. Although the journey may take slightly longer than the train, it can still be a reliable mode of transportation. Follow these steps:

  1. Start your journey at any major Berlin bus station, such as Alexanderplatz or Berlin Central Station.
  2. Look for buses heading towards Oranienburg.
  3. Board the bus and ensure you have a valid ticket.
  4. Travel to Oranienburg Bahnhof (train station).
  5. From there, you can either take a short walk or a taxi to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

Note: Bus schedules may vary, so it’s advisable to check the timetable in advance. Ticket prices are generally cheaper compared to trains, and you can often use your Berlin Welcome Card or Berlin CityTourCard for discounted or free travel.

3. By Guided Tour

If you prefer a more organized and informative experience, joining a guided tour can be an excellent option. Many companies offer day trips from Berlin that include transportation to Sachsenhausen, along with a knowledgeable guide who will provide historical context and insights throughout the visit. Some tours even include visits to other important historical sites in the area.

You can easily find guided tours by searching online or visiting any tourist information center in Berlin. Ensure you book in advance to secure your spot, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Final Tips

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to explore Sachsenhausen. The site is extensive, and you’ll want to take your time to absorb the history and pay your respects.
  • Bring comfortable shoes, as there is a fair amount of walking involved.
  • Consider bringing some food and water, as there are limited dining options near the memorial site.
  • Be respectful and mindful of the solemn atmosphere while visiting the concentration camp.
  • Consider visiting on a weekday to avoid larger crowds.

Remember, visiting Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp can be emotionally challenging, but it is an essential opportunity to acknowledge and remember the victims of the Holocaust. By educating ourselves, we can ensure that such horrors are never repeated.





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